Sometimes, good friends need to tell the truth -- whether the friend receiving the news likes it or not -- and in his new music video for "Why You Gotta Be That Way," premiering exclusively on The Boot, Josh Goodlett does exactly that.

In the clip, Goodlett hangs with a friend who, in the singer's mind, is making the completely wrong decision about a (beautiful) girl: The friend has a good woman, and he's not cherishing her the way he should -- or even cherishing her at all. Throughout the video, fans can see the friend receiving calls from the girl, ignoring her and essentially blowing her off ... and, as any good friend would do, Goodlett tries to open his eyes and show him exactly what he's missing.

"She loves you, man, that’s easy to see / You oughta be there with her instead of sittin’ in this bar with me," Goodlett sings. "I wouldn’t be your friend if I didn’t call you a fool / You’re sittin’ here, running her down, man, that ain’t cool."

Finally, the girl moves on -- and that's when Goodlett's friend realizes that the good thing he had is gone, and he's just a little too late. In a poignant moment in the music video, the gal walks by her former lover with someone new; she looks content, happy and gorgeous as ever, and she gives a friendly wave as she passes by.

"Someday when you see her with someone new, walking down the street," Goodlett sings, "Remember all she ever wanted was you, all you wanted was to be free."

But the video also contains flashbacks to when Goodlett, his friend and the woman were young -- and at the very end, Goodlett makes a confession: "She loves you, man / Man, I wish she loved me."

Goodlett, a rural Kentucky native, has opened for the likes of Kip Moore, Shooter Jennings, Tyler Farr and Will Hoge. "Why You Gotta Be That Way," which is now available on iTunes, is the first single off of his upcoming record, which focuses on topics like family, friendship and American life.

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