Jordan Davis may have turned 30 at the end of March, but the "Singles You Up" star says the milestone is nothing to be scared of.

"You know what? I was just talking to my drummer about this -- I feel younger than I've ever felt in my life," he told The Boot backstage at the 2018 Taste of Country Music Festival. "Everybody's just trying to figure things out, you know? [After you turn 30], everybody's still just trying to figure things out."

Davis has experience a number of career milestones to go along with his birthday, too. In addition to finding success with his first single, off of his debut album, Home State, the country star also made his Grand Ole Opry debut in May.

"I've never been more nervous playing a show," Davis recalls. "Walking out there and stepping into that circle, knowing the names that have played there before -- that's gotta be the Mecca of all stages, so it was pretty unbelievable. I had my family there to celebrate with me, along with my label and my management, so it was really cool."

Davis says that while his debut Opry performance itself is a memory he'll treasure for the rest of his life, everything that led up to it is a blur. "As far as the seconds leading up to it, and when I was getting introduced, I don't remember what was said," he explains. "I don't remember being side stage ... I was shaking like a leaf."

One thing he does remember, though, is the minute the performance began: "I remember my actual first step into the circle," Davis adds. "I just remember stepping in."

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