Jordan Davis scored his first Top 30 hit with his debut single, "Singles You Up," which he wrote with Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach. The song, from an upcoming album, was inspired by a close friend of Davis', who had just gotten engaged.

"We were congratulating him on the engagement. We told him he was smart enough to not 'single her up'," Davis recalls to The Boot. "After we said that, we knew we had to write it. I think phrasing, for me, is something that I try to be really unique on. A lot of my influences kind of find their way into my music through that, so that’s something that I try to keep really unique and very 'me'."

Davis is, of course, aware of the fact that he has a hit single, but he isn't keeping too close of a watch on how high the song is climbing: "Since the day we released it," he admits, "I haven’t looked at the charts too much."

"I try to control what I can control," Davis adds. "But every show we play, the singback’s getting louder. I’m seeing more social media engagements on it, and I can definitely feel the positive momentum, so it’s pretty cool to see."

Davis worked on his upcoming album while playing plenty of live shows: The Louisiana native was invited to join Kip Moore on Moore's 2017 Plead the Fifth Tour, along with fellow opening act Drake White, and he says that the experience was "an absolute blast."

"To watch those guys play -- I always say that I don’t know two artists that have such a devoted fan base other than Kip Moore and Drake White ... They absolutely love [Moore], and he loves them," Davis notes. "It’s really cool to see him interact with his fans, his band, his crew. Top to bottom, it’s a very, very first-class tour."

Davis' upcoming set of tunes will include at least three songs from his brother, fellow singer Jacob Davis; he is currently signed to Black River Entertainment and working on his own album. In return, Jordan Davis says, "I hope I have some [songs] on his."

"I haven’t quite had that conversation with him just yet," Davis continues. "I’m his biggest fan, he’s my biggest fan. It’s actually really cool to be doing the same thing that Jacob’s doing."

Davis is hoping to release his album early in 2018 -- "hopefully in the first quarter," he says. And then ... well, he'll "get out there and keep playing."

"I love touring, I love playing shows," he says, "and I hope [2018] is full of a lot of those."

"Singles You Up" is available for download on iTunes.

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