The Johnny Orr Band are premiering the video for their debut single, 'Down South,' exclusively on The Boot.

Directed by Paul Frateschi, a good friend of Orr's, and produced by Orr and Shale Martin, CEO of the band's label, the video was filmed during 'Shale-ah-palooza,' an annual party at Martin's house in Clayton, N.C.

"Family and friends are what this song is all about, and we had no other plans for a video but to include everyone that has meant so much to use along the way, that has see us reach our goals, to be there and be a huge part of it," Orr says. "Everything you see at the party ... is standard at every Shale-ah-palooza."

Even the truck Orr is driving in the video has a personal connection. It belongs to Orr's good friend Bill, who once told him that if the band ever shot a video for 'Down South,' they should use his truck because the year matches that of the truck mentioned in the tune.

‘Down South’ is the title track off of the band’s current EP. Both are available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

“I was remembering family reunions in the North Carolina country when I wrote this,” Orr says of the song. “It’s about all the things we do, like hanging out with friends down by the lake, drinking beer and enjoying Mom’s home cooking."