John Rich was offered the title of Project Manager on this week's episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' and his appointment as chief of the men's team paid off in a huge way.

"Boys, you better turn your umbrellas inside out," John confidently proclaimed as he rallied his team. "Because it's about to start raining money!"

The competing teams were given the task of creating and auctioning off artwork to benefit their chosen charities. The self-proclaimed defender of country music focused his goodwill energy for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Former 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant Trace Adkins offered $5,000 in John's name, and associates of the singer donated $50,000 for a cowboy hat and boots.

The night capped when John auctioned off a hand-decorated 'Apprentice' Gibson guitar for a staggering $470,000. Despite bringing in nearly $700,000, his rivals, lead by Marlee Matlin, celebrated a project win with an impressive near-million dollar total. In the name of good sportsmanship, both team leaders agreed that each charity would receive their respective totals.

Show creator Donald Trump later revealed that no one has ever matched the monetary total raised in that single competition -- even in an entire season of the series.

John is also offering 'For the Kids,' a song available for download that directly benefits St. Jude. To learn more about their mission statement and how you can support St. Jude Children's Hospital, please visit their official website.