It's been a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and nearly a year since John Prine died of complications of the virus. Still, his final recording, "I Remember Everything," continues to resonate with audiences; in fact, the song won Prine two posthumous trophies at the 2021 Grammy Awards on Sunday (March 14).

After accepting the two awards on her late husband's behalf, Prine's wife Fiona offered up some thoughts in a virtual press room about why the song has made such an impression on the folk legend's fanbase.

"I think this song really did connect with a lot of people -- just the whole idea of memories, and how important memories are. And John had a great way of pointing out the simple, everyday things that sometimes we overlook," she shared. "I think this song speaks to that, and that really resonates with people."

Fiona Prine also points out that her husband's fanbase has continued to be deeply connected to his music and legacy, which she attributes to the authenticity and personality he brought to every stage of his career.

"These songs are a testimony to the man, really," she reflects. "I always tell people: If you want to know the story of John Prine, start reading the lyrics of the first song and go all the way to "I Remember Everything.""

During the 2021 Grammy Awards telecast, which will begin live on CBS at 8PM ET, Brandi Carlile will tribute John Prine. Ahead of the show, she shared a peek into her rehearsals, but she didn't share which song or songs of Prine's she'll be performing.

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