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Singer-songwriter Joel Crouse is already seeing his first single, 'If You Want Some,' rise in the country charts. The 21-year-old recently shared an exclusive acoustic performance of the song with Taste of Country.

Crouse is enthusiastic about the release of his debut album. "‘If You Want Some’ is a great song for the first single," he points out. "With summer, having a little party song is always good, but the rest of the record is kind of a reflection of stuff I’ve been through."

The young performer recently got a huge boost in exposure, thanks to opening a run of shows for Taylor Swift on her 'Red' tour. Crouse celebrated his 21st birthday in style, playing his first stadium gig in Toronto. He admits he's picked up some performing tips from the superstar.

"One thing I noticed the first night I was out there is how she stares right into the camera. She’s just got the look. She knows what she’s doing," Crouse states. "She’s just in the moment. I’ve had to capture that, and also, I capture some things even from Ed Sheeran, who’s also on the tour."

He adds, "Now when I’m onstage, I’ve never played a place that big before, I’m really just trying to capture the people not only in front of me in the pit, but also the people who are in the furthest stands all the way up."

See the entire interview, with more live performances, here.

Crouse's debut album is set for release in 2014.