Joe Nichols is following his No.1 hit, 'Gimmie That Girl,' with the brand-new single, 'The Shape I'm In.' But more than just another tune, the Grammy-nominated singer is using the song as an opportunity to find out how his fans really feel. Joe recently launched a new website related to the song, and invites people of all ages to use the page to sound off on how life is for them by writing on virtual postcards that will be posted online.

"We came up with this idea as a great way to connect people to a larger community," Joe explains (quote via "Sometimes you just want to get something off your chest, or you want to get creative and have some fun. 'The Shape I'm In' website lets you do that -- you'll see your postcard alongside other people's, and it's all anonymous. I think this is something people will really like -- whether you're just reading other people's reports on what shape they're in, or you get involved and post your own."

Joe also has high hopes that 'The Shape I'm In' will help him continue his steady run of hits. "More than something I haven't done yet, I'd just like to continue doing what we're doing, which is making good records and hopefully continue giving the fans what they want and what radio will play," the singer tells The Boot. "I'd like to continue giving the fans what they want and what radio will play. Let's have another No. 1 song!"

Joe will be spending most of the fall on the road, performing songs from his latest album, 'Old Things New.' Find his tour schedule here.