Joe Nichols is grateful that, at least for now, his two youngest children are "kind of" sheltered from his fame as a country music singer.

"They’re aware of it, but it’s not a big topic at the house," Nichols tells The Boot. "We try to keep work out of their face; I don’t want to raise them in 'Daddy does this, and that’s what the family is all about.’"

Nichols and his wife Heather have two young daughters, 4-year-old Dylan and 2-year-old Georgia, and the singer also has a teenager daughter, Ashelyn, from a previous relationship.

"To me, and Heather agrees, it’s not something we want to push on them," the singer continues. "They’re aware of what I do, but, I think, at home, it’s all about them -- what they’re going to do in their future -- rather what Daddy does when he leaves the house."

While Georgia is still too young to really understand her father's career, Ashelyn is clearly old enough, and Dylan, Nichols says, has an idea of what it all means. "They’ve been to a couple shows," he explains, "and they looked dumbfounded when there’s a crowd singing Daddy’s songs."

Nichols will have the day off from the road on Father's Day (June 19), but he'll be keeping busy on the road this summer: Over the weekend of Father's Day, he'll be performing at Montana's Headwaters Country Jam (June 16) and Country Jam in Colorado (June 17). A list of all of Nichols' upcoming showing is available on his website.

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