After a break of two years, Joe Nichols is getting set to release a new album. The 'Brokenheartsville' singer has a new label and a new attitude for his upcoming project, which is due in October.

Nichols' eighth studio album will be titled 'Crickets,' and it marks a renewed sense of purpose for the singer, who parted ways with Show Dog-Universal in May of 2012. He signed with Red Bow Records in October.

The new label is a joint venture between Broken Bow Records and Sony Music's RED distribution, for which Nichols is the flagship artist.

'Crickets' features 16 new tracks, including 'Sunny and 75,' which is currently in the Top 25, and a cover of Merle Haggard's 'Footlights.'


That song is especially important for Nichols, who used to sing it in his bedroom as a child. The song was special to him and his father, who passed away a decade ago.

'Crickets' is due in stores on Oct. 8.

Joe Nichols, 'Crickets' Track Listing:

1. 'Just Let Me Fall in Love With You'
2. 'Hard to Be Cool'
3. 'Baby You're in Love With Me'
4. 'Yeah'
5. 'Billy Graham's Bible'
6. 'Better Than Beautiful'
7. 'Gotta Love It'
8. 'Sunny and 75'
9. 'Y'ant To'
10. 'Hee Haw'
11. 'Love Has a Way'
12. 'Smile on Mine'
13. 'Open Up a Can'
14. 'Old School Country Song'
15. 'Footlights'
16. 'Crickets'