The effects of Parkinson's disease have unfortunately taken away Linda Ronstadt's ability to sing, but a previously unreleased duet between the songstress and Texan Joe Ely has been uncovered.

Ely has been performing the song, 'Where is My Love,' in his own concerts, but it wasn't until a recent visit with Ronstadt that they recalled the long-ago recording session, from an impromptu gathering in 1987 in Malibu, Calif.

"Last year I had a similar experience with the Flatlanders' 'The Odessa Tapes,' which were found in a closet after being misplaced for 40 years," Ely recalls. "That made me wonder if I could get similar results with this track."

Ely also included 'Where is My Love,' sans Ronstadt, on both his 'Live at Liberty Lunch' and 'Live Cactus' albums.

Ronstadt continues to persevere despite the debilitating effects of Parkinson's, which she admits are becoming more difficult to deal with every day.

“It’s hard to wash my hair, brush my teeth, put my clothes on," she says." It’s hard to get up and out of a chair. But once I get going, I can go for a little bit.”

'Where is My Love' is being released on Ely's own Rack'Em Records. Download the song here.