JJ Lawhorn is releasing his second single, 'Good Ol' Boys Like Us,' from his debut album, 'Original Good Ol' Boy,' which came out last year. The tune, which Lawhorn wrote, is the result of a tragic situation that hits close to home for the singer.

"'Good Ol' Boys Like Us' is a true story inspired by the passing of a friend that devastated my hometown community a few years back,” he explains. “While it has always been special to me, the tune took on a new meaning after my best friend and former drummer died in a tragic motorcycle accident two months ago. There isn't another song that I've ever written that is closer to my heart. Its message is one of hope; a reminder that we are never alone even after our loved ones are gone.”

The Virginia native, who released his freshman project on Average Joes Entertainment, says he is thrilled with his entire album.

"The reason I feel really proud of this record is, I either wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the record, and these aren’t songs, to me -- you put the CD in your truck, and you don’t have to skip through five songs to get to the one you want to listen to," he explains to The Boot. "I feel like all of the songs, they might not all be radio hits, but they’re all great songs. There’s something on there for everyone. I just told them, 'Release whatever you want.'"

Lawhorn can be heard on Clear Channel’s 'iHeartRadio Live with JJ Lawhorn,' which appears on all of the Clear Channel country radio station homepages and iHeartRadio platforms.

'Good Ol' Boys Like Us' will be available at radio on Feb. 17 and on iTunes on Feb. 18. Download the entire 'Original Good Ol' Boy' album here.