JJ Lawhorn has a track record of releasing rollicking, anthemic tributes to the redneck lifestyle, and his brand-new single, "Last of a Dying Breed," fits right into that wheelhouse. Readers can press play above for an exclusive first look at the music video for Lawhorn's new tune.

"Last of a Dying Breed" is a guitar-driven banger of a celebration of the country and lifestyle that Lawhorn loves: "Lord knows that I love this land of mine," he sings in the first verse. "I'm rowdy, I'm rough / Might be dumb, but I'm tough / And I'm out to have myself a real good time."

The song's corresponding music video continues in that vein: It features Lawhorn and his band rocking out in a field by the wood, somewhere out in the country. The camera pans over close-up shots of Lawhorn's guns, boots, hunting getup and cows; that footage is interspersed with clips of the singer performing in front of a backdrop of a tree line and a small wooden cabin.

Declarations of love for country, God and home are popular topics for country songs, but there's something particularly invigorating about Lawhorn's passion: Unabashed in his devotion, the singer delivers a rollicking single with strong evocations of his home state of Virginia.

With two studio releases under his belt -- 2013's Original Good Ol' Boy and the followup 2016 EP Rural Route -- Lawhorn has cultivated a dedicated fan base, if not a mainstream charting hit. The singer moved from Virginia to Nashville in 2011 at the suggestion of producer Jeremy Stover, who found Lawhorn on YouTube and instantly recognized his talent. At the time, Lawhorn was still a teenager.

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