When Jimmie Allen met Alexis Gale, he knew quickly that she was the one he was going to spend forever with.

Although Allen and Gale, a makeup artist and aesthetician, are from the same town -- Milton, Del. -- they were introduced through the wife of Allen's cousin. They began dating in the spring of 2019, finding "an immediate connection," according to Allen.

"With Alexis being from my hometown, it is like always having a piece of home with me," Allen says. "It was like we’d always known each other.”

Only a few months into their courtship, on June 15, 2019, Allen, then 33, popped the question to Gale, then 23. The couple was at Disney World with both Allen and Gale's parents and sisters, his cousin and a friend, and the "Best Shot" singer proposed to Gale in front of the Magic Kingdom's iconic castle.

"I was single for a lot of my life. I’d have a girlfriend for three or four weeks or a month or two, so I got used to, after a show, play[ing] PlayStation and worry[ing] about myself. My band would call their wives after the show," Allen shared in September of 2019. "Now, I find myself doing the same thing: calling and checking in."

Allen has a son, 5-year-old Aadyn, from a previous relationship. He says that really fell for Gale as he watched the two interact.

"Her smile melts me, her pure heart challenges me to love better, the way she motivates and supports me is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, the way she loves me and my son is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced," Allen says. "It feels incredible to find the type of love I’ve been writing songs about all these years!"

Allen and Gale are planning their wedding, but they'll also be expanding their family in 2020. Gale is pregnant and expecting the child's first couple together, a baby girl.

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