For the first seven months of the year, Valory Music Co. artist Jimmy Wayne walked across America to raise awareness for homeless teens with his project Meet Me Halfway. Now Jimmy's label mate, Jewel, is crossing America in her own way ... on a motorcycle!

"I'm the last person who thought I'd like to ride a motorcycle," Jewel wrote earlier this year in her exclusive blog on The Boot. "Since I was 18 years old, I have driven and flown around the world nonstop and the last thing I thought I'd ever want to do with my time off was travel more -- but I was wrong. Being on my bike, I have reconnected with my original joy for traveling because it's not for a job. It has brought back the innocence of discovery, which is a precious gift!"

Jewel and her husband, rodeo star Ty Murray, have already biked from their home in Stephenville, Texas, to Colorado Springs, Colo. Now they're prepping themselves -- and their BMX motorcycles -- for the next portion of their journey, which will take them farther across America.

"We had already heard BMX's were well-made bikes, but didn't know much about adventure biking," says Jewel. "The more we heard about it, the more we knew it was for us. We discovered we could have a bike that would perform well, be reliable and safe, and allow us to indulge our love for taking off on long road trips comfortably."

But don't expect the prolific songwriter to pen much new music while making the cross-country trip. "I find riding my bike so relaxing because I can't think of anything except riding," she says. "It's like an active form of meditation. Your mind has to focus on the tasks at hand and so all your other worries and cares just fall away. When I drive a car, I am able to let my mind wander to worry about work, or even to write a song. But on my bike, safety is first, and it forces me to focus and live in the present, and so the scenery and the day and the air and curve in front of me fill all my senses -- it's great."

To check in on Jewel's whereabouts this summer, follower her on Twitter. Jewel's latest music-related adventure is her current single, 'Satisfied,' from her 'Sweet and Wild' album.