Jewel has released a music video for her song "Pretty Faced Fool."

The "Pretty Faced Fool" clip opens with the singer-songwriter sitting in a dimly lit room in front of a microphone and playing her guitar. As she sings the song from her stool, shots of Jewel working on the song in the studio are interspersed. The clip's main action is created by the camera's movements: pans across the artist and closeups of both her and her guitar. The music video's lighting creates warmth, mainly because, although the room is dimly lit, there is a light that shines down on Jewel.

"Pretty Faced Fool" is the second single off of Jewel's newest album, Picking Up the Pieces. The song was written by Kip Moore, Brett James and Dan Couch and is the only song on the project not written by Jewel.

“[Kip Moore is] a really dear friend and a really great talent," Jewel says in a press release. "He’s been with me through a lot of what I’ve been going through. He played me this song, and I really loved it. As much as I’m a really big fan of songwriters, I don’t find many songs that I feel sound like me, but this song really resonated."

Picking Up the Pieces is available on Jewel’s website.

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