Jewel was the mastermind behind one of the most memorable moments of Sunday night's 62nd Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. The country songbird paid a musical tribute to several Hollywood heavyweights who passed away in the pat year, with her touching song, 'The Shape of You.'

"I wrote it for a friend of mine that passed away from cancer, and they're letting me sing it solo acoustic," she divulged on the red carpet prior to the show (quote via CMTT). The invitation, she admits, was surprising even to her. "It's not recorded and I was really amazed that the Emmys were willing to let me sing an unknown song."

As Jewel sang, images of several well-known actors, including country legend Jimmy Dean, Rue McClanahan, Dennis Hopper, Soupy Sales and Gary Coleman, flashed across the screen.

Jewel may be busy with her music career, but she still has time to watch a few hit TV shows. Citing 'Glee' and 'True Blood' among her favorites, she says she will always carve out time in her busy schedule for TV. "I'm a fan of television," she admits. "These are a lot of shows that I really love. I think TV has really raised the bar in the writing and the acting."

Jewel spent much of her summer crossing America on her motorcycle, along with her husband, rodeo champ Ty Murray, Her single, 'Satisfied,' from her recently-released album, 'Sweet and Wild,' is steadily climbing the charts.

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