Jerrod Niemann poured more than three years of his life into his latest album, This Ride. The 13-song record, Niemann's first on Curb Records, makes his live shows more entertaining -- and more challenging -- as he tries to please both his new and his loyal fans.

"It’s fun because then you get to show everybody what you’ve been working on, and it’s fun because you can incorporate more into the live show," Niemann tells The Boot. "But you do have that moment where you have fans that have followed you for a long time and have become good friends, and then they give you some heck for not singing all the songs that they like."

The Kansas native might have spent a lot of time working on This Ride, but he admits he's already thinking about how to follow it up with a new set of tunes.

"There’s so many inspiring things all the time that it may not fit this album, so then you keep it in your mind, like, ‘I want to do that later,’" Niemann explains. "So you already start looking and writing and finding songs and just trying to do the process all over again. Really, I’ve already had some ideas for down the road."

Niemann's third single from This Ride, "I Got This," was recently released to country radio. The song, written by Rodney Clawson, Luke Dick and Cole Taylor, is one that Niemann included it because it reminded him of one of his earlier chart-topping singles.

""I Got This" is a song that I didn’t write. I wish I would have because it was a lot of fun," says Niemann. "I think it’s kind of like "Drink to That All Night"'s cousin, that’s further on the outskirts."

This Ride is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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