Jason Isbell's forthcoming new album, The Nashville Sound, is one of the singer-songwriter's most eclectic albums to date -- and, thus far, the one that he was happiest making.

"This was really a very natural process: I came in with the songs written and edited and chiseled out as best as I could. I’d play a song for everybody, and then we’d sit down and record it," Isbell tells The Boot. "We would do two or three songs a day some days; it was pretty quick. I loved it. I hated when the process was over, and that’s not usually the case when recording an album. Usually I’m really tired of being in the same room with the same people by the end of the record."

Isbell and his band recorded The Nashville Sound at Music City's historic RCA Studio A, and the singer says that the location undoubtedly contributed to the finished product.

"[The studio] survived thanks to some kind locals and the grace of God, however you see it," Isbell reflects. "I’m happy that room’s still there, because it was a pleasure to record it, and we got some really good work done. At the end, I thought, ‘Should I be more frustrated when I’m making an album?’ It was so fun and so easy, I wondered if the album could be any good if it’s just a breeze to record."

The Nashville Sound is Isbell's sixth studio album. It's due out on June 16 and, he boasts, "it's really good."

"There’s some rock 'n' roll songs. That was an accident, because I don’t ever write specific songs on purpose, or types of songs. I just write the best songs I can," Isbell shares. "This time, some of those turned out to be fast and loud, so that makes me really happy ... [but] there are definitely some country songs.

"I can’t help but have some country songs," Isbell adds. "If I hear one that really wants to be a country song, I don’t try to turn it into anything else. I just let it be what it wants to be."

The Nashville Sound is set for release via Isbell's own Southeastern Records. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

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