Social media took on a new level of importance for Jason Aldean in the wake of Oct. 1's Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. The singer was onstage when the shooting began; fortunately, he was unharmed, but he -- like many other artists -- and his wife have been using their social media accounts to share their thoughts about the tragedy with fans.

Shortly after the shooting took place in Las Vegas, Nev., Aldean posted on his social media accounts to let those following know that he, his wife Brittany and his band and crew were safe. Twenty-four hours after the tragedy, he shared more of his feelings about the shooting, and a few days later, Aldean used social media to let his fans know that he was canceling his weekend concerts. But it's only been in recent years -- since he became romantically linked to his now-wife in early 2014 -- that Aldean had any interest in sharing his life on social media.

"I didn’t really do a whole lot of social media, really, before I met her," Aldean shared with The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "It wasn’t really a priority for me at all. With her, she’s got all into that stuff, and so I’ve started seeing her interact with people and how much people like that ... And so, I realized there’s a lot of people out there that are really cool and just want to know what we’re doing and follow us, and they’re interested for good reasons."

In the wake of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, Brittany, too, has been sharing her feelings and photos of emotional moments on her own social accounts. And while social media will always bring out at least a few detractors, the positive responses on the Aldeans' accounts following the tragedy have proven the benefit of social media as well.

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"Those are the people you kind of do that stuff for, and not that one percent that’s the haters or whatever you call them," Aldean says. "I was like, ‘Nobody cares what I’m eating for dinner. I’m not going to post my plate and go, ‘Eating some chicken. Watching TV.’ I didn’t think people cared about that stuff, but apparently I was wrong, and people do care about that stuff."

Aldean will likely be posting even more pictures soon, when he and Kerr welcome their new son, Memphis, who is due toward the end of the year. Thanks to Aldean's large fanbase, the parents won't have to do much shopping for the new baby.

"[We've got] a ton of stuff already: baby blankets, shoes. He’s got a killer shoe collection already ... I think he’s got about every color of Chucks you can get. Somebody made him some Chucks that had the Buck Commander logo on the tongue ... so that was pretty cool," Aldean shares. "People are always coming in and have little books or whatever -- really cool. Country music fans are great.

"It’s funny, now, especially with social media, you put all that stuff out there, [and] people feel like they’re sort of a part of what’s going on," he adds. "They follow it on almost a daily basis, so they feel a little connected a lot of the time, which I think is really cool."

On Oct. 12, Aldean will resume his They Don't Know Tour, with Chris Young, Kane Brown and Dee Jay Silver serving as his opening acts. A list of all of his upcoming shows is available on his website.

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