Jason Aldean is ready to release new music ... sort of. The singer says that his next album is ready to go, save for a few finishing touches -- like a title and a release date.

Aldean tells Country Countdown USA that, after revealing about a year ago that he was back in the studio, he "finally wrapped up the album a couple months ago."

"For me, we’ve always tried to make a mark with each album," Aldean notes. "Sometimes that means to try new things. We want to make a great record, and that means to be a trailblazer with some sounds. I give the musicians free reign to do their thing. We may use more drum loops than we have before. It depends on the song.”

In April, Aldean dropped his new project's first single, "Lights Come On," and while he doesn't have a release date for the full album set yet, he's hoping for a "late summer, early fall" date.

"We’re trying to dodge the Olympics and figure out when we’re gonna drop it, because the Olympics will eat up a lot of the media," Aldean explains. "We want to make sure when we put it out that people are aware of it.”

As for the disc's title -- well, he doesn't have that yet either. In fact, Aldean jokes with Country Countdown USA, "If you have some ideas, I’m open.”

Aldean's most recent album, Old Boots, New Dirt, came out in October of 2014. “Lights Come On” is available for download via iTunes.

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