Jason Aldean has shared "Lights Come On," the first single from his forthcoming seventh studio album.

"Lights Come On" begins with a heavy guitar riff and driving drum beat, which reappear during the song's choruses. The singer explains that the song "is all about that rush you can only get from stepping onstage and listening to fans sing along to every word."

"When the light's come on / And everybody's screamin' / Lighters in the sky / And everybody's singin' / Every word to every song / To the girl they're takin' home tonight," Aldean sings in the tune's chorus. "When the lights come on / And everybody's feelin' / A hallelujah high / From the floor to the ceiling / Yeah, the drink that we're drinkin' / The smoke that we're smokin' / The party we're throwin''s goin' on all night long / When the lights come on / When the lights come on."

The artist adds, "Being on stage is why I do what I do; it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do ... ["Lights Come On"] is about throwing the biggest party, from the floor to the top of the rafters, for all those people who spent their paycheck to come see us."

Back in July, Aldean revealed that he was in the studio working on new music; his most recent album, Old Boots, New Dirt, came out in October of 2014. Aside from this new single, no further details about Aldean's upcoming project are available.

"Lights Come On" is now at country radio and available for download via iTunes. Aldean will perform the track during Sunday's (April 3) 2016 ACM Awards ceremony.

Listen to Jason Aldean, "Lights Come On":

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