Jaron of Jaron and the Long Road to Love sat down with The Boot to talk about the inspiration for his second country single, 'That's Beautiful to Me.''

My ex-girlfriend, when we first started going out, everything she did was so cute. No matter what, whatever she did, I found it adorable. Then after a while, you hit that wall and everything she does becomes annoying. But I stuck around long enough that it became beautiful again.

All the things in a relationship that we can look at and see as annoying, I look at it as quirky and beautiful. The fact that she has 46 pillows on the bed, I mean, it's a pain. She bothers you, she badgers you, she wants to get a dog and you say, "No problem." We go down to the rescue, we want to rescue a dog. And you're like, "Yeah, we can do that. I support that." And she [says], "Oh, I couldn't decide. I had to get all three." That's a very common thing. You could look at it as annoying, or you could say that's actually somebody who's beautiful.

The fact that she wants to grow a garden but she has no skills and she just laughs at it. She's able to laugh at herself. Or she sings all the wrong words to my favorite song. You're sitting in the car and wanting to enjoy a song and she's getting it completely wrong. You can look at that and say she's annoying the hell out of me or she's so adorable and that's funny. I chose to take that stance in the song.

I want a girl who's physically beautiful -- like we all do -- but more importantly when she leaves the room they're not talking about her physical beauty. They're talking about how great and how wonderful a person she is; her kindness and her sweetness is what people are talking about when she leaves the room, not her beauty. To me that is the ultimate, perfect woman.