Jaron has run out of gas on his long road to love ... and that's actually a good thing. A budding romance is the inspiration behind Jaron & the Long Road to Love's brand-new song, 'I Accuse You.'

"You'll see my songs are starting to become more positive," the singer tells The Boot, joking that he might need to change his name to "Jaron and the Long Road's Been Shortened!"

Watch Jaron sing 'I Accuse You' live in studio below. It's all part of his 'Wednesdays No Longer Suck' webisode series, which also sparked another new song that fans are going crazy over: 'Beautiful Lies,' featuring Big Kenny. Check out their gorgeous duet here, then head to Jaron's YouTube page to see the entire video series, featuring both old and new J&TLRTL songs, cover songs and a hilarious comedy bit.

Jaron wrote, recorded and released 'I Accuse You' all in the matter of about a week, something unheard of in the music business. But the Georgia native is not concerned about doing what most artists do after they write a song, shelving it for weeks, months, maybe even years before putting it on an album. Rather, Jaron is focused on getting new music to his 'FRANS' (a combination of friends and fans) just as soon as possible.

"My job is to write songs, record them and release them," he says. "So many artists like myself have so many songs in the can. Part of that cathartic process is fulfilled; I got it off my chest. This second step is just as important: supporting and sharing it. I decided I was going to give myself a challenge to write, record and release a new song every week.

"Young musicians come to me all the time saying, 'How do I get started?'" Jaron continues. "I'm doing exactly what you're doing. Every tool and every piece of technology I'm using is available to everybody. Anyone can get on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I'm just using that to cut through.The beauty of technology is that we can reach our fan base instantaneously."