Wednesday's No Longer Suck! That's the title of Jaron and the Long Road to Love's webisode series, which includes a new live performance every Wednesday. Today's video is his cover of the Foo Fighters' 'Best of You.' (Watch it below.)

"I decided I was going to give myself a challenge and have fun, where I would record and release a new song every week," Jaron tells The Boot of the inception of his Wednesday series. "Some of them might be songs that I already have out, some might be brand-new songs I wrote that week and some might be cover songs ... I'd say 30 might be originals and 20 covers. Some people say that's a lot of cover songs, but I say, 'Yeah, but that's still three times the amount of originals a typical recording artist puts out! [laughs]"

Some may say it's a bold move to cover such a coveted rock act's song, but the risk seems to be paying off. Chicago radio station US 99.5's website has clips of both versions with a poll to vote on your favorite, and as of this posting, Jaron is beating the Foo Fighters with a whopping 87% of the votes.