Country singer and actor Jana Kramer has released a heartfelt new breakup ballad, "Dammit," which the singer says is "the most authentic" song she has released to date. Readers can press play above for a first listen.

""Dammit" is authentically me, and as true as a song comes for me," Kramer says of the new tune. "It's all about surrendering ... that it didn't last, but it's not about being bitter, and instead just sitting in it and saying, 'Dammit, it really could have been so great.' We have all been there before."

Kramer has a history of getting personal in her music: In 2017, she released the brooding "I've Done Love," which compares the ups and downs of a romantic relationship to the highs and lows of drug and alcohol addiction. While her new single, which was written by Nicolle Galyon and Elizabeth Huett, includes some of the same emotional honesty as "I've Done Love," "Dammit" takes a more measured, thoughtful approach to heartbreak.

"Dammit / Didn't we almost have it / Honestly, I still don't understand it / We used to love to sit / Talk and wish and plan it," Kramer sings in the song's quietly emotional chorus, which describes a relationship that may have come close to lasting, but ultimately didn't work out. There's no anger in the singer's vocals: The song focuses on mourning a love that almost lasts, but doesn't quite make it.

While Kramer has often recorded music that reflects her own relationships, fortunately, things are looking more positive these days in the singer's personal life. After a tumultuous year, Kramer and her husband renewed their wedding vows in December of 2017.

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