Jana Kramer has announced a new single, "Circles," to follow her hit "I Got the Boy."

""Circles" is a really cool song," Kramer tells iHeartRadio. "It's about that love that's just so deep and unbreakable, and that person in that song has fixed your heart that was broken before. And just, again, having that unbreakable bond."

The mid-tempo tune begins with a confession: "Just the thought of you around / Gets my head spinning in circles / Just the way you say my name / Gets my heart turning in circles." The chorus of "Circles," meanwhile, is all about that unbreakable bond Kramer mentions.

"You got me spinning like a wheel / Oh, how you make me feel / It's more than gold on my finger / It's six feet down and forever / 'Cause where I end / Is where you begin," Kramer sings. "You picked up the pieces / And put me together / You're the only part of me unbroken / And I'm going in circles."

While there's plenty of romance in "Circles," it's not totally saccharine. Kramer called the track a "... really cool, dark and edgy love song" when she spoke to Taste of Country's Billy Dukes in a video interview at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival.

"Circles" comes from Kramer's newest album, Thirty One. The singer co-wrote six of the project's songs.

“I want this title to be strong; I want this title to be me,” Kramer said when Thirty One was announced. “I want this title to somehow portray the woman that I am. There’s no other way of saying that than 31."

"Circles," and all of Thirty One, is available for download on iTunes. The song will officially be going for adds at country radio on July 18.

Listen to Jana Kramer, "Circles":

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