In July of 2016, Jana Kramer released "Circles" as the fourth single from her Thirty One album. Written by Alyssa Bonagura, Jeffrey Steele and Brandon Hood in 2013, the song is "about that love that’s just so deep and unbreakable, and that person in that song has fixed your heart that was broken before," according to Kramer. Below, Bonagura tells The Boot about how a new relationship of her own helped inspire "Circles."

We had this groove of writing pretty much every week -- like, whenever we had a day free, we would write -- so I walked into this writing session with a brand-new boyfriend and, like, new love and all this stuff. And I was so in love -- and I'm still in love, really in love ... and I walked into this room, and Brandon had this "do do do do do" sound, like a circle, and Jeffrey yelled out "Cirlces," right? And I was like, "Oh my god, yes," and so we took it to the, you know, how everything is a circle, to the ring on your finger when you get married, to the beginning and the end of, like, "where I end is where you begin" -- that's a lyric in the song. And so it really was just a love story of completing the circle, you know?

I actually wrote it for my project, and we cut it ... but [Kramer] called and wanted to cut it ... and I kinda said I was saving it for my project, and then she called again, and I was like, "You know, I’d love for you to cut it." And it was great; it worked out perfect.

What an honor to have it on her record, and now it’s a single. It’s really, really -- it’s so humbling when someone cuts your song, you know?

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