Jana Kramer has had a surreal summer with the release of her debut album and her opening slot on Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality tour. While there are numerous positives to participating in one of the season's hottest tours, the "Why Ya Wanna" singer pegs the trek's headliner as the most significant.

"I haven't spent a lot of time with Brad, but when I do, he's so sweet," Jana tells The Boot. "He's taken us bowling and to the movie theater. He's one of the most gracious people ever. He's an amazing artist to learn from, too, because he's a fantastic entertainer and a phenomenal guitar player. He really has made my dreams come true for my first big tour. It's wonderful. I'm very, very thankful."

When you're around someone of high caliber, there's so much to learn simply from observation, and Jana is finding it no different when spending time with the superstar.

"His attitude; he's so friendly and so nice," she explains. "You really learn how important that is to the people he's around. And I'm learning from him how to run a good tour, and how to put on a kick-ass show."

Earlier this month, the "One Tree Hill" actress got a little help from her mentor when he joined her onstage for her cover of Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do," and her own album cut, "One of the Boys." The result was, in her words, an "outstanding" experience.

Ben Enos
Ben Enos

The "Camouflage" singer isn't the only person Jana enjoys spending time with on the road, though. "I hang out with Love and Theft a lot," she reveals of the duo that is also performing at each stop on the "Virtual Opry Stage." "They're crazy and fun. They're good friends, so it's nice to tour with them."

However, the fans are responsible for the "coolest" part of the tour. "Now that the album is out fans are singing along to the album cuts, like 'I Hope it Rains,'" she exclaims. "That's the coolest thing."

Jana's next stop of the Virtual Reality tour is Aug. 10 in Bethel, N.Y. Keep track of the tour dates here.

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