Video footage of Jamie Lynn Spears' Christmas weekend altercation at a Louisiana fast food restaurant has been released.

According to reports at the time, the incident began when an unnamed friend of Spears was hit with a bottle at a Hammond, La., Pita Pit, although it was unclear if the attack was random or somehow provoked. The newly released footage, obtained by TMZ from the Pita Pit's security cameras, shows the fight breaking out, but it is hard to tell how it begins.

The original reports also indicated that Spears' friend was injured in the altercation and that Spears pulled her behind the restaurant's counter, found a serrated bread knife and wielded it to break up the fight. The security footage appears to show Spears pulling her friend away from the melee and into a chair in another corner, then attempting to break up the fight in another manner.

When that method doesn't work, Spears marches into the food prep area and finds the knife, then bangs it on the counter and waves it around, causing the fight to quickly disperse.

Police were called, according to the original story, but Spears' friend did not press charges, and no arrests were made.

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