James McMurtry fans have been waiting more than six years for a new album, but the folk / Americana singer-songwriter has announced that their wait will be coming to an end in early 2015.

McMurtry's new album with Los Angeles label Complicated Game is set for release in February. This marks his first studio release since 2008's 'Just Us Kids.' The album was recorded and produced by singer-songwriter C.C. Adcock in New Orleans, La.

“I’ve got a new batch of songs, organic and with no added sulfites, aged in oak for several years,” McMurtry says. “Francois Moret at Complicated Game seems to like these songs, and C.C. Adcock thinks he can turn them into a record. Good times fixing to roll.”

Moret found McMurtry through Adcock, who invited him to a show at the Continental Club in Austin to see him perform.

“When C.C. Adcock told me we were going to see James McMurtry at the Continental Club in Austin, I expected to see a good show, but what I saw left me mesmerized!" Moret says. "I immediately knew I wanted to sign him. As a European, it is an amazing opportunity to work with one of the most talented American singer-songwriters.”

A specific release date for the album has not been announced. McMurtry released the video above in March. It was made New Orleans while recording and features a preview of the upcoming release.