Marriage is hard work no matter who you are, and it can be even harder when you're a country artist who's often on the road and away from your family. Just ask Jake Owen.

The "Real Life" singer candidly tells Nash Country Weekly that he and his wife Lacey have had a difficult last few months.

“Right now — and I haven’t said this a lot lately because I didn’t think this was anyone’s business other than mine and my wife’s — but my wife and I, for the last few months, have really been having a hard time and struggling with communication, and literally talking about divorce and all kinds of stuff," Owen says (quote via America's Morning Show).

Fortunately, talking about their issues -- with each other and with others -- has helped, Owen explains.

"... After long conversations for days and weeks, part of us talking about it and getting it out there and letting people know that we’re the same as they are, we have problems, too, it made us feel better talking about the things we’ve kept from each other," he says.

Owen and his wife first met on the set of his "8 Second Ride" music video, in which she appeared, and began dating after she starred in his "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" video. They were married in May of 2012 and added their daughter Pearl to their family in 2012.

Owen is currently working on a new album. He released the music video for "Real Life," the record's first single, in late June.

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