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Jack Ingram (@JackIngram): "For the rest of the year, I'm gonna answer all interview questions in athlete speak! 'Just gonna focus on what I got to do to have good show,' etc."

Joe Nichols (@joenichols): "Just started Yoga. Great workout ... Now I need therapy and chiropractor."

Jake Owen (@jakeofficial): "Just stopped off for some truck stop coffee ... I don't even drink coffee. The guy asked me if I wanted a bag twice. For my coffee? No thanks."

Brett Eldredge (@BrettEldredge): "I bet I come home one day to my whole family waiting in my living room to give me an Intervention on Peanut Butter ... watch out A&E ... I'm addicted."

David Nail (@davidnail): "Just did acoustic version of new songs for wife. Got two in before she said, 'Commercial's over, Honey!' Talk about humbled!"

Emily West (@emilywestmusic): "Just took a NyQuil & now I'm drunk. So this is how 50 Cent feels when he be rapping."

Kellie Pickler (@kelliepickler): "If my husband doesn't tone down the snoring I'm gonna shove a tampon in his nose."