Nashville-based singer-songwriter Hugh Masterson is premiering his new song “Lost + Found” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear it.

The twangy, classic country-influenced “Lost + Found” was inspired by a traumatic experience that Masterson endured just after he graduated from college. Days after a breakup, three teenagers attacked him, while he was working in his neighborhood, with a tire iron; they broke his jaw in two places.

“"Lost + Found" was the first song I ever started writing,” Masterson tells The Boot. “I sat at home with my guitar while I was recovering and sang (mumbled) through my teeth. I didn’t finish that song until years later.”

“Lost + Found” is the title track of Masterson’s forthcoming new album, set for release on June 2 on Rock Ridge Music. After years of perfecting the song, Masterson found himself in Nashville without his band and was feeling a little lonely.

“Because of the way life shapes things, the other guys from my band were never able to make it down here from Wisconsin. I felt pretty lost without them, to be honest,” Masterson admits. “"Lost + Found" is kind of a brokenhearted anthem. Life always has another challenge for you right around the corner, and I’m happy to be releasing music again."

Fans can learn more about Masterson’s Lost + Found and him as an artist on his website.

Listen to Hugh Masterson, "Lost + Found":

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