Who is country music's hottest bachelor? The Boot polled our Twitter and Facebook followers to find out your picks for the sexiest, most irresistible, unattached guys on your radio dial. And after we tallied the votes, we got out our little black book to contact each heartthrob on the countdown to get his thoughts on dating. Let the drooling begin.

Jeremy Cowart

10. Jerrod Niemann

Sizzle Factor: Movie star good looks, hilariously dry wit ... and oh yeah, talent, too! Jerrod's vocal range is wide enough that he recorded all nine background vocal parts on his No.1 hit, 'Lover Lover.'

Dating Mantra: "My favorite thing is a sense of humor, because sometimes personalities can clash ... I want to be able to speak freely. Chivalry is still alive. But I just like people who are kind and have a good sense of humor. At the end of the day, that's what lasts."

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9. (tie) Jason Jones

Sizzle Factor: That dimple on the blue-eyed boy next door's right cheek gets even bigger when he smiles, which apparently is quite often given Jason's sly sense of humor. And with songs like 'Unlikely Angel' and 'Slow Dance,' the tender tenor can make any girl swoon.

Dating Mantra: "My type is a woman who values tradition and is not afraid to speak her mind, while also being kindhearted, open-minded and having a great sense of humor. I love a wacky sense of humor."

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9. (tie) Lee Brice

Sizzle Factor: Date Lee, and chances are you'll end up the subject of a song ... a huge song! He penned Garth Brooks' 'More Than a Memory' about an ex and keeps several old flames burning on his own critically-acclaimed album, the appropriately titled 'Love Like Crazy.'

Dating Mantra: "I can't believe I'm in the hottest bachelor countdown! Wonder if it could lead to an invite to the Playboy Mansion? Hmmm ..."

Christian Lantry

8. Josh Thompson

Sizzle Factor: Josh followed his testosterone-fueled debut, 'Beer on the Table,' with something a bit more female friendly, 'Way Out Here,' which shows this hot bachelor's small town charm.

Dating Mantra: "I definitely don't think of myself as a sex symbol, but I appreciate the compliment! Dating is a challenge because I have no time, so any woman would have to understand that, plus be the completely down-to-earth, go-getter, like-to-get-dirty, outdoorsy type!"


7. Keith Anderson

Sizzle Factor: Keith melted hearts everywhere when he put his own heart on the line with the Top 5 single, 'I Still Miss You,' mourning the loss of a loved one. That, and his former life as baseball-player-turned-body-builder makes Keith H-O-T!

Dating Mantra: "My idea of the perfect date is great conversation and a lot of laughs. But it's hard for me to date because I am never in the same city more than a week at a time! Even Nashville."

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6. Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood

Sizzle Factor: This Grammy-winning, chart-topping, multi-instrumentalist hasn't let fame go to his head. Dave is still the same Georgia boy who opens doors for ladies and even admits to watching chick flicks every now and then.

Dating Mantra: "I would love to find a girl who loves to travel as much as we do. Someone who likes the ups and downs of a music career. I'm still looking for the right one!"

Marina Chavez

5. Chris Young

Sizzle Factor: A true family man, the Tennessee-native included his parents, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces in his video for the hit single, 'Voices.' And our readers aren't alone in voting him on a hot list -- Chris was Country Weekly magazine's hottest bachelor in both 2006 and 2009!

Dating Mantra: "My type is a woman who is up for anything. Sometimes I'm a movie-on-the-couch guy, and other times I'm a hop-in-the-truck-and-hit-the-lake guy, so a spontaneous streak never hurts."

James Minchin

4. Jake Owen

Sizzle Factor: A professional golfer before he began his successful country music career, Jake also has aspirations of being a movie star someday. We can see why.

Sweet Spot: "Sometimes my female fans will give me the sweetest gifts. I could mention that I like a certain candy, and the next day in the meet-and-greet, they will present me with that exact sugar sweet. I can't begin to tell you how that makes a person feel."

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Justin Key

3. Jimmy Wayne

Sizzle Factor: A velvet-voiced vocalist with a heart of gold, Jimmy just completed a 1700-mile walk across America to raise money and awareness for homeless teenagers. Talk about a sweetheart ... who's obviously insanely in shape!

Dating Dilemma: "Sometimes my female fans will [send] me a sexual proposition on Twitter. I don't respond because it could be ['To Catch a Predator' host ] Chris Hansen and the next thing ya know, he's offering me a cookie. Hell with that!"


2. Jaron and the Long Road to Love's Jaron Lowenstein

Sizzle Factor: This charismatic and hilariously funny Georgia native is still looking for Ms. Right. He may be "Jaron and the Long Road to Love," but the musician jokes that he hopes his next album will be branded "Jaron and He Found Her!" Get in line -- a long line -- ladies.

Dating Mantra: "My type is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. A woman is most beautiful when she believes she is."

Jeff Lipsky

1. Chuck Wicks

Sizzle Factor: Three words: 'Hold That Thought.' If you haven't seen Chuck's steamy new video, just watch it below, and you'll see why the 31-year-old crooner was your choice for the hottest bachelor in country music. He may have lost the girl (ex Julianne Hough) but his head and sex appeal are still held high.

Dating Mantra: "My idea of the perfect date is one that leaves you anxious to have the second one."

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