Home Free are sharing their new music video for "What We Ain't Got" exclusively with The Boot's readers.

For their cover of the Jake Owen song, the a cappella country quintet matches his stripped-down, somber arrangement, removing the instrumentation and adding it back in with their vocal harmonies.

The video features clean shots of the band sitting in a simply-decorated room mixed with close-up footage of the members singing the track. In all of the scenes, movement comes from the camera rather than from the band members, highlighting the importance of the song's lyrics and harmonies.

Owen also kept his version of the song and his video free of any extra bells and whistles, keeping the focus on lyrics like, "We all want what we ain't got / Our favorite doors are always locked / On a higher hill with a taller top / We all want what we ain't got ... We all wish it didn't hurt / When you try your best but it doesn't work / And goodbye’s such a painful word / We all wish it didn't hurt."

The song was penned by Travis Meadows and Travis Jerome Goff; Home Free member Tim Foust composed the group's a cappella arrangement.

“I was immediately taken by this song and Travis [Meadows'] raw honesty. This is an anthem for people living real life, which is what country music is — telling stories about real life," Owen says. "It’s a deep song that deals on a lot of levels with everyone looking at their own life. We all work so hard day to day, and we want more and more and more. This is a world of wanting more. It’s a song about looking at where you are and appreciating what you have, ’cause once it’s gone, we all want what we don’t have.”

Home Free released their debut album, Crazy Life, in 2014; it is available through iTunes. The Minnesota natives recently announced that they are set to make their Grand Ole Opry debut on July 17; more information about that show is available on the Opry's website. Home Free's complete tour schedule is available at HomeFreeMusic.com.

Home Free's version of "What We Ain't Got" is available for download via iTunes.

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