High Valley, the duo made up of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, are getting used to performing in front of large crowds. The native Canadians have seen their concert attendance exponentially increase ever since the release of their U.S. debut album, Dear Life, on Warner Bros. last year. But this weekend (June 15-17), the siblings will have an entirely new experience, when they serve as the opening act for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the Soul2Soul Tour.

"That’s going to be insane," Curtis Rempel tells The Boot.

"Everybody says that it’s the most amazing tour, so we can’t wait," continues Brad Rempel, adding with a laugh, "I haven’t eaten any food for a week yet, because I want to work out with Tim McGraw, so I’m saving up."

The Rempels say they are "the good kind of nervous" about the shows -- but younger brother Curtis Rempel's nerves are perhaps a little bit higher than his big brother's.

"I’m not comfortable speaking in front of large crowds," he admits. "So if Brad breaks a guitar string or something like that, then I get nervous, because I’m the one who has to carry the show, carry the crowd to the next song."

Joining McGraw and Hill for a weekend on the road is just part of what has been a whirlwind year for High Valley. They've also watched their single "Make You Mine" land in the Top 10, and their follow-up single, "She's With Me," is showing early signs of being another hit for the duo.

"The last year was definitely life-changing," Brad Rempel acknowledges. ""Make You Mine" cranked everything up. And now "She’s With Me" is jumping off the platform "Make You Mine" built. And it’s doing a huge cannonball into the pool of emotion."

"She's With Me" was inspired by Brad Rempel's wife, Rebekah. She endured some challenging (to put it mildly) early years with her husband and the band, and the song is a tribute to her.

"She had to be the sound person, the merch person and occasionally drive the van," explains Rempel. "But, more importantly, [she had to] potty-train our kids while being on tour ...

"I write a lot of songs about her; that’s the good news," Rempel adds. "The bad news is, it’s not special every day that I write a song for her. When it made the album, she knew it was a big deal, and she loved it."

Even though Dear Life has been out less than a year, High Valley are constantly thinking about new music, and how to improve on what they've already created.

"Brad’s writing a ton right now, and we’re listening to new music all the time," reveals Curtis Rempel. "We definitely don’t have a timeline."

Continues Brad Rempel, "We’re focused just on the current album, but we never stop creating. When we signed a record deal, the first CD I gave Warner said 'Ten to Beat’ on it. And they said, ‘Why does it say ‘Ten to Beat’ on here?’ I said, ‘Because these are my 10 favorite songs right now. I hope by the time we’re done with our record, they’re my 10 worst ones, and we have a bunch of better ones.’"

High Valley will perform in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois as part of the Soul2Soul Tour. A list of all of their upcoming shows is available on their website.

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