High Valley, the duo made of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, saw the trajectory of their career change with the release of their single "Make You Mine." The song, written by Brad Rempel, Seth Mosley and Ben Stennis, is what helped High Valley finally get noticed and helped expand their Canadian fame into the United States. Brad Rempel sat down with The Boot to recall the day the song was written, and explain how their conservative Mennonite heritage helped influence "Make You Mine."

I went into the studio talking to Ben and Seth about how we had just come off the road. I said, "Man, you guys, we play "I’ll Fly Away" and "I Saw the Light," and these old bluegrass gospel hymns, even in our live show." We had just opened for Shania Twain, and we played those songs. It doesn’t matter; you can play them anywhere, and people are going to stomp their feet and clap their hands, so we need to write a "today version" of that.

That’s all we went for. It wasn’t supposed to be confusing; it was supposed to be really simple. We try to always use words, maybe because of all the music we missed, all the decades of music we never heard, but I’m way more comfortable using really old words with new production than I am using "blowing up my cell phone" or those kind of things.

I don’t think I’m an old soul, but I think that’s what’s pumped into us, all the old stuff. We heard, recently, pop radio playing all this bluegrass music, and we thought, if they’re doing it, country music might do that soon, too. Now we’re hearing Cam stuff and the Chris Stapleton stuff, and even some of the Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert stuff that’s more acoustic. It really gave us a lot of hope and excitement for our kind of music.

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