Colorado-based bluegrass band Head for the Hills are premiering their new song “Give Me a Reason” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

A plucky, post-modern bluegrass track, "Give Me a Reason" is about those times when love lost turns into a post-breakup obsession: “Every living moment thereafter is spent obsessing over what you've done and why," the band explains to The Boot. "And if only, if only, you could have her back.”

“But sadly, she has skipped off to an unsung town, so you set out searching -- searching for your dark horse of maybes, ifs and answers," the band adds, "when all you need is a reason to get her off your mind.”

“Give Me a Reason” will appear on Head for the Hills’ fourth studio album, titled Potions and Poisons. The band describes its latest effort as a “survey of the human condition,” a 10-song journey through “the darker side of love, lust and life” that blends their diverse slate of influences -- including bluegrass, jazz, hip-hop, folk and soul.

Guitarist Adam Kinghorn, fiddler Joe Lessard, bassist Matt Loewen and mandolin player Sam Parks make up Head for the Hills. Frequently lauded as the best bluegrass band in Colorado by publications such as Westword, Head for the Hills have made appearances at a number of major music festivals, including the Northwest String Summit, FloydFest and SXSW.

Potions and Poisons is set for release on May 12. Visit Head for the Hills' official website to learn more.

Listen to Head for the Hills, "Give Me a Reason":

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