Best wishes to Gwen Sebastian, who got engaged right before Christmas. The former "Voice" contestant tweeted this photo on Dec. 23, showing off her new rock from fiancé Louis Newman. "I'm officially off the market," she wrote, adding, "I love you @DrumLouis."

While the couple haven't announced when they'll tie the knot, they are already wed in musical matrimony with Louis serving as his bride-to-be's drummer and producer. The pair's relationship was discussed during her time on "The Voice." "The decision about whether or not to start a family was there," the 37-year-old explains, before the couple decided, "Let's try this for another year or two and see where it takes us. And that's when everything turned."

The "Met Him in a Motel Room" singer credits her band with a lot of her success, especially her husband-to-be. "My band is awesome, we've been together for a long time," she says. "Louis Newman, the awesome drummer, who gets into his own little world back there while he's playing. And thank goodness, because he's got the groove and keeps it going. I couldn't imagine anybody else back there playing for me."

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