Tony Lucca partners with his friends -- and frequent musical partners -- Jay Nash and Matt Duke for May's installment of The Boot’s Guest Room Sessions. Together, the three covered Willie Nelson’s beloved country classic “On the Road Again;" readers can watch above.

Lucca, Nash and Duke are all solo artists, but they also record and perform together as TFDI. For their Guest Room Sessions video, they perched themselves on the couch in Nash's living room; their version of “On the Road Again" feels fairly autobiographical, given that the trio has spent years on the road together.

""On the Road Again" is a song that the three of us have been fond of covering for some time now,” Lucca tells The Boot. “This was shot during a rehearsal for our current tour, in Jay's living room, just before we literally got on the road (again) to head to Boston to kick off the tour.”

Together, Lucca, Nash and Duke released their self-titled debut EP as TFDI in 2009; they released both the TFDI II EP and their When I Stop Running album in 2011. Their most recent album, Beggars and Ballers, came out in April, and, as their Guest Room Sessions song choice indicates, they've spent plenty of time touring across the country. Fans can visit for upcoming show details.

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