In this latest installment of The Boot’s Guest Room Sessions series, Illinois-born Americana singer-songwriter Ashley Riley offers up her take on an iconic Bruce Springsteen song, “Atlantic City.”

Instead of heading to a house's guest room, a venue's green room or some other indoor location, Riley, fellow singer Erisa Rei and guitarist Tyler Bundy went out to Rei's family property in Illinois, on an unseasonably warm February day, to film the above video.

"I think it was about 65 degrees, which is strange for February here in Illinois, but I wasn't complaining,” Riley tells The Boot. “We had talked about some different indoor locations, but with the weather being so beautiful, it felt nice to sing outside in the sun. The beautiful open land behind us is a pretty nice backdrop, I'd say.”

After conferring with Rei, Riley chose to perform “Atlantic City” because "the Boss" had been in heavy rotation for both artists over the past few years.

“I shared a few songs I thought could be a good fit for us to sing and then said, '... or maybe something by Bruce Springsteen,' and Erisa was really open to that,” Riley recalls. “Coincidentally, in the last year, she and I have both been listening to Bruce Springsteen a lot. I had just made myself a mixtape of my favorite songs of his, so from there, I narrowed it down, and we both loved "Atlantic City" ..."

Riley released her newest EP, titled Can’t Let You Go, on March 3. Fans of Rei will be able to hear new music from her when she debuts her new album, Glass Jar, on April 21st.

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