Tony Lucca is rounding out 2017 with an appropriately timed Guest Room Sessions performance. Readers can press play above to watch Lucca cover the classic holiday tune "Blue Christmas."

Lucca recorded this Guest Room Sessions clip in his living room. It's a setting that has a particular significance for the singer-songwriter: It was recently renovated, with help from his father.

"This was the first song I played in this room since that project was completed," Lucca tells The Boot. "The acoustics are pretty fantastic."

In keeping with the gloomy theme of "Blue Christmas," Lucca chose to record his version of the tune alone.

"It's such a sad and lonely song," he says. "I imagine that if I had someone else with me, some of that loneliness might have been lost."

Despite the song's natural longing, Lucca's version of "Blue Christmas" has a sense of lightness about it compared to Elvis Presley's version, thanks to both the setting and Lucca's voice.

"I chose the song "Blue Christmas" ... for a couple of reasons: For one, Christmas is right around the corner," Lucca notes. "Second, I recently performed at a private wedding reception, and the bride had asked if I knew any Elvis. I couldn't believe it, but the truth was, I didn't. At least not well enough to play for others. Thought I might remedy that with this little gem."

After the holidays are over, Lucca will return to his residency at the Country in Nashville. His first show of the new year there is scheduled for Jan. 10 and will feature Tom Beaupre, Josh Williams and JD Eicher.

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