In December's first installment of The Boot’s Guest Room Sessions, singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson performs his song “Rollin’ Down a Line” while literally rolling down the street. Press play above to watch the video, filmed as Bronson and his co-star drive down the highway in Atlanta, Ga.

Don't worry: Bronson isn’t the one driving, fortunately. In his Guest Room Sessions video, the artist is joined by his friend and fellow musician, Marshall Seese (also known as “The Tin Man”), who serves as both driver and harmonizer.

"I asked my buddy Marshall to drive me around and sing harmony because he's great, and also because I wanted to hang out with his dog Lambert, the Great Pyrenees in backseat,” Bronson tells The Boot. “We drove around Atlanta and knocked this out.”

As for the song itself, Bronson chose “Rollin’ Down a Line” because of its simple melody and accessible lyrics. The song appears on James, Bronson’s latest album and the follow-up project to his much-acclaimed self-titled 2014 record, produced by Dave Cobb.

“I've always been impressed with very simple songs that manage to say a lot with relatively few words,” he says. “I think I was doing my best to channel Tom Petty when I wrote this one.”

Fans can learn more about Bronson and keep up with the upcoming tour dates he has planned for 2018 via his website,

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