In the first 2020 installment of The Boot's Guest Room Sessions, singer-songwriter David Newbould is sharing his song "Sensitive Heart," and he's joined by a killer trio of musicians. Press play above to watch and listen.

For this rendition of "Sensitive Heart," Newbould enlisted Lee Roy Parnell and Bonnie Bishop drummer Dave Colella, and Miguel Cancino and Tim Denbo on guitar. The filming of this session came about spontaneously, shortly after Newbould wrapped up performing three album release shows in the same day. A fan, Melody McMann, started recording Newbould, Colella, Cancina and Denbo as they played together in the headquarters of Carpe Diem Records in Franklin, Tenn.

The lead track from Newbould's new album Sin & Redemption, "Sensitive Heart" is, as the artist describes, a "pop-rock" infused, upbeat ballad that preaches the virtues of sensitivity as strength. "It’s about being protective of the emotions of someone who you maybe just didn’t have it in you to hold on to, whether it be a lover, a daughter, a friend, or anyone really," Newbould tells The Boot.

"Sensitivity is a strength that people should strive to respect and admire," he adds. "Or so I believe, anyway."

Sin & Redemption is out now. Fans can keep up with Newbould via his official his official website and, on Feb. 7, can catch Newbould performing at Nashville's legendary Bluebird Cafe.

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