For August's final installment of The Boot's Guest Room Sessions, singer-songwriter Brittany McLamb is performing her song "Lose It." Press play above to watch the artist and her band jam out in a spot McLamb frequents almost daily.

McLamb recorded her Guest Room Sessions clip in a parking garage stairwell with surprisingly killer acoustics. "I picked this spot because I spend the majority of my daytime hours at my job," McLamb tells The Boot, "and every time I walk down the stairwell, I always think to myself how good the acoustics sound."

"I didn't, however, take into consideration how hot it would be in there this time of year!" she adds. "Phew!"

McLamb is accompanied for this performance by two guitars and hand-drumming. One of the guitarists is a special guest: her friend Jason Jordan.

Based in Nashville, McLamb has performed alongside acts including Charles Kelley, William Michael Morgan, Parmalee and Granger Smith. She co-wrote "Lose It," her latest single, with songwriters and friends Andrew Beason and Jonathan Dean.

"I love singing this tune," McLamb says, "and it's just a fun song to jam to."

A Salemburg, N.C., native, McLamb comes from an extended family of gospel singers. She released her first EP in 2013. To learn more about McLamb, fans can visit

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