Gloriana released their third studio album, Three, on June 2, after spending three years recording and narrowing down hundreds of songs to the 12 tunes that finally made the cut. The threesome already released their debut single from the project, "Trouble," but while they acknowledge that they like all of the songs, there's one tune in particular that they predict might quickly become a fan favorite.

""Lighters" was a song in my dream, and I remembered one piece of it," Tom Gossin tells The Boot, before singing the lines, "Let me see your light / Let me see your light." "I was like, ‘I don’t even know what that means.'"

Nonetheless, when he brought the idea to fellow trio member Rachel Reinert, as well as Ross Copperman, in a writing session, they realized the potential of the partial lyric.

"I was like, 'How do we make this fit?'" Reinert recalls. "Because a lot of our songs are relationship songs. This particular one, why it’s so special to me, it’s not about a relationship but more about a universal love thing. Lighters standing for your light. All of us go through ups and downs. We’re all in this together."

Gloriana, which also includes Mike Gossin, already envision a magical moment for their fans when they perform the rocking tune.

"We were just figuring out what tempo it needs to be to play live, and so we’re sorting through all of that," Reinert explains. "It’s one of my favorites off of the album."

Still, the trio isn't ready to reveal whether "Lighters" will be the next single from Three.

"We don’t know," Reinert admits. "We’re kind of letting the album come out. See what people are really drawn to and just kind of assess from that point."

Three is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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