More details are emerging about Gloriana's upcoming new album, Three.

The record, which will be released on June 2, features 12 songs, all produced by Grammy-winning producer Matt Serletic, whose many credits include Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty, Cher and others.

"We’re a band that’s really album oriented. We want the album to be a story arc, where you listen to 11, 12 songs that take you on a journey," band member Tom Gossin tells "I want it to be 12 songs that represent what Gloriana has been up to in the past two years. Our emotional state. What we’ve actually physically been doing. All of it. A snapshot of our lives.”

The trio, which also includes Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinert, co-wrote nine of the 12 songs on the record, including the album's debut single, "Trouble," which was inspired by a painful breakup that Reinert experienced.

“The whole sentiment behind the song is that us girls are like little detectives,” she explains, “and if we feel like there is something shady going on, we’ll figure it out, and when we do, we’ll f--k your world up.”

Three is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, with three tracks available immediately for fans who order the record early. Three more tracks will be available on May 26. See a complete track listing below.

Gloriana, Three Track Listing:

1.“Trouble” *
2. “Ain’t Runnin’ Outta Summer” **
3.  “Are You Ready”
4.  “Nobody But You” **
5.  “It’s on Tonight” *
6.  “Fight”
7.  “Wanna Get to Know You” *
8.  “Let’s Take a Shot “
9.  “Get Back That Goodbye”
10. “Lighters” **
11. “It Won’t Let Go”
12. “My Somebody”

* May 19 tracks available with pre-order
** May 26 tracks available with pre-order

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