William Congreve, the same man who penned the immortal line now often paraphrased as "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" also wrote, "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast." Written more than 300 years ago, those two lines nonetheless capture the spirit of some of country music's best cat fights.

Whether the writers and singers of these songs are issuing a strongly worded ultimatum or exacting retribution with verbal -- if not actual -- blows, these are The Boot's 10 favorite girl fight songs of all time.

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    "You Ain't Woman Enough"

    Loretta Lynn

    Claws Out Lyrics: "He took a second look at you / But he's in love with me."

    Lynn was well aware that her husband had something of a wandering eye, but rather than confront him in song, she took the trash out all on her own, addressing the "dime a dozen" women who didn't stand a chance of getting in between her and her man.

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    "The Earrings Song"

    Gretchen Wilson

    Claws Out Lyrics: "You're causin' an involuntary clenchin' of the fingers on my hand / So, honey, move along, and find a place to park yourself while you still can."

    Nothing's worse on an all-too-rare night out than having to mop the floor with a woman who won't take her eyes off your man. We believe Wilson when she says she "ain't scared to break a nail."

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    "Best Woman Wins"

    Lorrie Morgan and Dolly Parton

    Claws Out Lyrics: "In love, as in war, all is fair / So a fight to the finish begins."

    Two strong-willed women enmeshed in a love triangle are ready for a knock-down-drag-out brawl. While the bouncy tune sounds as if they'll end up BFFs after the final bell, Mr. Right has his work cut out for him choosing between these two worthy adversaries.

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    Chely Wright

    Claws Out Lyrics: "Jezebel, save your charms / He'll be back here in my arms / How quickly you forget, he's not yours yet."

    Sure, considering her 2010 coming out, Wright may want to change the pronouns in this song, but the fight-to-the-death message speaks to anyone fighting for love. She gets gussied up to lure her guy away from the evil Jezebel, promising to "fight for love until the death."

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    "Only Prettier"

    Miranda Lambert

    Claws Out Lyrics: "I'll keep drinkin', and you'll keep gettin' skinnier / I'm just like you, only prettier."

    Proving mighty powerful things often come in small packages, Lambert admits she's got "a mouth like a sailor," then seeks common ground by charming her adversary with one hilarious whopper of a back-handed compliment.

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    Dolly Parton

    Claws Out Lyrics: "You could have your choice of men, but I could never love again / He's the only one for me, Jolene."

    Sounding as fragile as only she could, Parton vividly describes Jolene's beauty without ever resorting to name-calling or threats ... but by the end of the song, it's not hard to imagine those bright red press-on nails getting ready to do some serious damage.

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    "I'll Think of a Reason Later"

    Lee Ann Womack

    Claws Out Lyrics: "A regular Nobel Peace Prize winner / But I really hate her, I'll think of a reason later."

    Womack turns her rival's wedding announcement into a Sunday comic strip by blacking out the future bride's front tooth in the photo. No harm done by her marker, of course, but she's most likely imagining using her fist to knock out said tooth.

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    "Does He Love You"

    Reba McEntire and Linda Davis

    Claws Out Lyrics: "Does he whisper of his fantasies? / Does he love you like he's been lovin' me?"

    Although they're asking each other the same question, the answer is anything but simple for dueling divas McEntire and Linda Davis. One's married to the guy, and one's the "other woman," but even they don't seem to be sure which is which -- or where they'll stand by the time the whole mess is over. The dramatic music video, however, offers an explosive (literally!) answer.

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    Taylor Swift

    Claws Out Lyrics: "Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city / And all you're ever gonna be is mean / Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me / And all you're ever gonna be is mean."

    From her third studio album, Speak Now, Swift rails against mean people in general, making this song an accessible anti-bullying song in the catchiest of ways. And although rumor has it she wrote it against a male critic, it 100 percent fights against anyone who criticizes, bullies, attacks and is just, well, mean. Now, she's living in a big ol' city (with homes in Nashville, LA, Maine and New York), and with two Grammys to its name, "Mean" was an incredible success, as is Swift.

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    "Fist City"

    Loretta Lynn

    Claws Out Lyrics: "The man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can / And that's what-a you look like to me, and what I see's a pity."

    There's a good reason the coal miner's daughter bookends our countdown. In this song, Lynn puts up her dukes, landing another knockout blow in the battle over her man. Unafraid to exit the ring with a clump of her rival's hair in hand, Lynn puts trashy women -- and philandering husbands -- on notice.

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