After what may have seemed like a long wait for Gary Allan fans, the singer-songwriter is getting ready to release a new set of tunes. His upcoming album, Set You Free, will hit shelves early next year, Gary announced last week.

The California native produced several of the album's tracks on his own, and put veteran producers Mark Wright and Jay Joyce at the helm on other songs. The combination of their work made for a lot of great songs and a little healthy competition.

"I've always done albums with one guy, and you pick ten or 12 songs and the result is you end up with a lot of album cuts because you do it all at the same time," Gary told The Boot and other select media at a private album preview event in Nashville. "It's OK if you have ten songs and one of them isn't that great, or two of them you think would be good to hear later, but when I'm doing four and you're doing four and he's doing four, everybody wants to make sure that their four are good. The result is we've got better songs, because everybody wanted their four to be strong and it was more competitive."

The upcoming project's debut single, "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)," which Gary wrote with Matt Warren and Hillary Lindsey, is already climbing the charts. Set You Free comes from a line in the song, which he says is indicative of the theme of the entire CD.

"Every storm runs out of rain," Gary explains, "so I think that's what this album is about, is me coming up for air."

The 44-year-old country star will spend much of the fall on the road, in advance of the release of Set You Free. See Gary's tour schedule here.

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